NHS/ Public Sector – examples of our work

PPU strategy and outsourcing.  Initially reviewing the demand, competition, segmentation, consultant and PMI views of the private patient market within the catchment, as well as market engagement with potential private partners.  Developing strategic options which led to partnering with a private provider as the preferred option.  Working with Trust procurement to design and oversee a procurement process, and leading negotiations with the preferred bidder.

Pathology Network.  Initially designing and running a short series of stakeholder workshops to understand perspectives on developing a pathology network.  Subsequently asked to support the network board to develop a range of options, and to build a financial model which would objectively compare these options, and then write the OBC incorporating the rationale for the preferred option.

PMI renegotiation.  Initially asked to benchmark PMI tariffs received by a Trust PPU against best available data for private hospitals and PPUs.  Developed simplified model to analyse profitability by PMI company.  Then led renegotiations with PMI companies leading to double digit percentage uplift.

CSSD contract negotiation.  Due to internal promotion, the client asked us to step in at preferred bidder stage to lead commercial negotiations for a long-term CSSD outsourcing contract, including development of complex SLAs in conjunction with client operational teams, finalising contractual documents with Trust legal advisers, through board approval to contract signing.