Private Healthcare

Supporting private healthcare providers to achieve market success

Latchmore’s associates include a number of former senior leaders from private hospital groups, with expertise in a range of areas including operational management, PMI negotiations, self-pay, marketing, and consultant engagement. We also have associates with senior experience in the laboratory and diagnostic sector,

Assignment: Private Hospital UK Market Entry

We supported a European private hospital client for circa 4 days pcm for 30 months.  The initial focus was classic market and competitor analysis, leading to the decision to invest.  We helped the client to navigate the UK market including negotiations with payers, engaging with consultants, procuring key supply chains (imaging, pathology, pharmacy, CSSD) and even recruiting key team members (We are not a recruitment agency, but undertake recruitment on competitive terms for clients).

Assignment: Pathology Acquisition Review

We supported a European lab group looking for acquisitions to secure a platform in the UK market. We screened the market, made initial approaches to selected target companies, and facilitated initial discussions. We undertook strategic due diligence on targets where negotiations progressed.

Assignment: Community Diagnostic Hub Bid

We engaged with an overseas radiology group interested in UK market entry.  We developed options for their market entry, including collaborating with partners to develop a bid for the community diagnostic hub framework.

Assignment: Private Laboratory Strategy

We undertook a strategic review of diversification/ product extension options for a specialist private lab. One of our associates became interim lab director for a period, to prepare the lab for this development.

Assignment: Independent Sector Treatment Centre Bid

We worked with a team in a private hospital group to develop the financial and operational models relating to an opportunity to bid for the management of an ISTC where the initial contract had ended.  This work led to advise not to bid.

“Latchmore had supported me in a previous role, relating to Schoen’s UK entry. Kliniken Schmieder wanted a rapid and cost effective assessment of a potential UK opportunity, which Latchmore delivered.”

Patrick Mickler, Kliniken Schmieder