Diagnostics in the UK, post Covid

Diagnostics UK Market Report – 2nd Edition – LaingBuisson

The second edition of the LaingBuisson UK diagnostics market report was published last month.

Excluding Covid, the 2021 market value (including NHS service costs) was c£8.5bn with around 55m diagnostic images and 750m laboratory tests. Covid testing added £1bn to private lab revenues, with very high margins. The Covid windfall was not spread evenly with Randox and some smaller players taking the lions share.

Diagnostic volumes continue to grow, driven by the usual factors driving healthcare growth (ageing; increased co-morbidities; increased survival of illness) as well as specific factors such as a broader range of diagnostic tests, and a new generation of doctors who use more diagnostics.

The report provides 67 tables and charts which analyse the volumes, values and trends in the market by diagnostic modality/ sub-specialty and payer, as well as estimating market shares. There are profiles of all key service providers and suppliers of technology to the market. The report also looks at longer term trends such as the impact of Covid on consumer behaviour and the use of AI.

A big thank you to the team at LaingBuisson for supporting the research and production, and a big thank you to the many who gave time to be interviewed to discuss the qualitative aspects of the market

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